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RVS: Actively invest in safety with the SenseStat system

Sept. 26, 2019
RVS says its RVS-125 SenseStat Wireless Object Detection Sensor System provides active and passive safety solutions.

Rear View Safety (RVS) says its new RVS-125 SenseStat Wireless Object Detection Sensor System is unique in that it provides active and passive safety solutions.

Active safety technology includes backup camera systems an operator must look at while reversing. Passive tech, like most proximity sensor systems, alerts drivers audibly so they are aware of obstacles without taking their eyes off the road.

SenseStat’s proprietary technology uses a scanning algorithm that reads each of the four separate sensors, displaying the actual distance to the one that is closest to the object, as well as corresponding aural alerts, RVS said.

“The advantage of most sensor systems on their own is that the driver does not need to adjust his driving,” said Dylan Lew, dealer director at RVS. “Without moving his head, the audio draws his attention to hazards behind him. The SenseStat adds the benefit of visual proximity being displayed as well.

“Additionally, if operators would want to combine the sensor system with a camera so that they can ‘see’ what the sensors are seeing, the RVS-125 can work harmoniously with backup camera systems.”

The system’s wireless ECU is waterproof and includes multiple antenna installation options, RVS maintained. It boasts a large detection of up 8 feet. With built-in, stop-line adjustment, users can easily adjust stopping distance (zero point) away from the bumper to a desired distance. 

“The Sensestat is a great, simple solution,” Lew claimed. “It is the best wireless sensor system on the market and fleets that learn this, love it.” 

Tractor trailer rigs can connect to any Sensestat-equipped trailer by pressing the monitor’s sync button, simplifying trailer switches, RVS said.

“The Sensestat is best on large applications where wired installation would be a challenge,” Lew concluded. “Specifically, semis, box trucks and fifth wheels.”

To learn more about the SenseStat Detection Sensor System, contact Lew at [email protected].