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Groendyke secures safety award

May 19, 2021
Enid OK-based tank truck carrier earns second bulk division victory in Florida Trucking Association’s Fleet Safety Contest

Groendyke Transport recently secured the top award in the Under 10 Million Miles category of the Bulk Division in the Florida Trucking Association’s 2020 Fleet Safety Contest.

This is the liquid bulk carrier’s second FTA win in only two years of operating in Florida.

“It really comes down to a commitment to safety,” said Matt Palmer, Groendyke’s communications manager. “Safety is our No. 1 core value as a company. The idea is that every time a decision is made, no matter how small, the first concern is safety.”

Palmer estimates Groendyke has claimed more than 100 state association awards from the 15 states in which it has terminals. Groendyke won Texas Trucking Association and Colorado Motor Carriers Association trophies for 2019.

It’s also the only company
with eight championships in the National Tank Truck Carriers’ North American Safety Contest, having secured the Heil Trophy for its safety efforts in 1973, 1975, 1990, 1991, 1999, 2000, 2016 and 2018.

Palmer said Groendyke’s equipment investments are a key factor in its safety success.

The company’s tractors are on a five-year trade cycle to ensure drivers benefit from the latest safety equipment and efficiencies. All tractors are equipped with collision mitigation systems, air disc brakes and, as of last year, SmartDrive camera systems that include a forward-facing camera, two cameras pointed down the sides of the trailer and a driver-facing camera.

Groendyke also helped establish a new safety standard for reducing rear-end collisions by using pulsating amber brake lights on the back of its tank trailers. In 2019, Groendyke was granted a five-year exemption from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to use the brake-activated lamps, and NTTC followed suit last year.

“We saw an opportunity to keep drivers safer, and we endured regular ticketing to prove its worth,” Palmer said.

“The goal of our hiring process is to recruit and retain the best, safest drivers in the business, and our safety and training operations focus heavily on empowering our drivers to reach their full potential with regards to safety and efficiency.”