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TRIG testing XLOAD rail tank car sensor technology

March 5, 2019
TRIG is testing technology expected to increase the safety of transporting hazardous liquids by rail.

TRIG (Transrail Innovation Group), based in Alberta, Canada, recently joined multiple energy and rail industry companies, and the Canadian government, in testing and commercializing technology that’s expected to increase the safety of transporting hazardous liquids by rail.

Canada is providing $1.85 million to TRIG through Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC), which works with Canadian companies to bring clean technologies to market.

“Two of our primary testing objectives are to determine, consistently and with accuracy, the additional volume of commodities that can be loaded into our customers’ tank cars, and to prove that smart tank cars are the safest and most efficient in the industry.” said Rob Tasker, CEO of TRIG. “The increased volume that we can safely load into our customer’s cars will reduce the transportation cost of every barrel of commodity transported to their North American customers.”

TRIG says its XLOAD is the first digital sensor technology certified for mounting on moving rail tank cars, enabling measurement of the commodity inside the car. Once installed, XLOAD facilitates measuring, monitoring and tracking of hazardous commodities loaded, shipped and unloaded by rail. The XLOAD’s patented technology and wireless data communications help produce a “Safer and Smarter Tank Car” by automating imprecise, inefficient and risky measurement methods that require rail terminal operators to open the tank car and manually inspect the levels and volumes of the toxic commodities inside.

Poor visibility of commodity levels inside of tank cars causes the industry to chronically under-fill cars to avoid the risks associated with overfilling, TRIG said. Shippers can now safely increase those fill levels by leveraging the accuracy of the XLOAD sensor’s measurements inside of a closed tank car while it is being loaded or unloaded, improving throughput of commodities shipped by rail. The XLOAD also reduces risk of operator exposure to hazardous gases, and the risk of toxic fugitive emissions releasing into the atmosphere.

TRIG has commenced pilot trials with multiple rail and energy companies in Alberta, the company said.