Westmor RailLoadingArm

Westmor designs rail loading arm with few moving parts

Oct. 25, 2017
See how Westmor Industries uses fewer moving parts in loading arm

Westmor Industries manufactures rail loading arms for LP-gas and anhydrous ammonia transfer operations. The design features a reduction in the 90° swivels and only one 45° swivel, creating a less restricted flow, which generates a higher capacity flow rate.

The loading arm comes pre-assembled for easy installation. Built with one swivel for low maintenance, the unit swings out over a rail tankcar and back for storage.

For safety, the rail loading arms are designed with few moving parts and no spring tensioning. The unit’s emergency shut-off valve (ESV) is compliant with NFPA code.

The arms require minimum maintenance, needing greasing only once a year. Westmor offers 5- and 10-year maintenance programs for the hoses.

For more information, access http://westmor-ind.com/terminal/rail-loading-arms/