Hydra Wagon Industries rolls out latest portable heater for tank trailers, rail tankcars

March 2, 2016

Hydra Wagon Industries LLC has launched its latest product, the HydraWagon 2016, a portable heater for rail tankcars. To learn more about the HydraWagon 2016, watch https://youtu.be/qvYiWNx6Mkw

Steam coiled rail tankcars carry the liquid bulk products. In cold temperatures, liquids gel or freeze and become “stuck” in the rail tankcar. In most circumstances, the cars are steamed by injecting through the coils. Sometimes the steam is too hot and damages the contents and other times, steam is not available.

For example, a manufacturer receiving four truckloads a month of a particular liquid, plastic, or food may realize that switching to one rail tankcar a month reduces shipping costs and exhaust fumes and provides the satisfaction of sufficient inventory. 

Purchasing a boiler and setting up a steam line could represent a prohibitive capital expense. The new HydraWagon (HW) 2016 is ideal for light tankcar users’ orphaned tank cars.  HW 2016 heats tank trailers, too.

The HydraWagon 2016 provides circulating hot water at up to 200⁰F with heater output up to 275°F. It replaces the 150 & 200 models. HW 2016 is available on a skid, in an open trailer, or a closed trailer. Hydra Wagon Industries LLC President Michael Hoffman says: “This is the best HydraWagon so far. HW 2016 is built to run like the upper end 200 model and costs the same as the lower end 150 model. Relentless, incremental engineering improvements and smart vendors make the Hydra Wagon 2016 the best machine for the money in the world.”

 A trailer mounted system weighs about 8,500 pounds when loaded for operation & burns 6-7 gallons of diesel per hour at high fire.

Hot water flows in and out of the 600-gallon reservoir creating more efficient heat transfer by sparging the reservoir before circulating out. A direct drive pump takes the water from the tank and sends it coursing through the existing steam lines of a rail tanker providing heat transfer without thermal shock or scorching.   

Unlike most boilers, an operator certificate isn’t needed for the Hydra Wagon 2016. It is a simple, sturdy machine with sub-components put together by top-notch craftsmen and “Made in the USA” that runs with minimal supervision.

The Hydra Wagon executive team has over 100 years of combined business experience. We know about customer satisfaction and deliver customer satisfaction, every time.