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RegO launches single flange internal valve

June 18, 2024
Newly available SSA3218F Series 3-in. valve is designed for LPG, NH3 loading and unloading for bobtails, transport trucks, and nurse tanks

RegO, part of OPW, recently launched the SSA3218F Series 3-in. Single Flange Interval Valve.

The new stainless-steel internal valve, which is available now, is designed for use in LPG and NH3 loading and unloading activities for bobtails, transport trucks, nurse tanks, and liquid-storage plants and terminals, RegO reported.

The SSA3218F valve can be actuated manually, via remote cable or through many types of actuators, which are sold separately. The unit’s cam-type roller openings provide “decades” of dependable, low-maintenance service life.

Other features and benefits of the SSA3218F valve include:

  • Liquid cannot be trapped between the outlet of the valve and downstream shutoff valve, with no need to install a hydrostatic relief valve
  • Stainless-steel body, stem, seat, and springs that increase service life even when used in the harshest operating environments
  • Nitrile seat disc and PTFE stem seals
  • Packing that can be easily serviced because the piping does not have to be disconnected in order to remove and repack the stem
  • A high-flow design that helps prevent pump cavitation and efficiency loss, resulting in optimized time and cost
  • Built-in excess-flow valve and shear studs that meet or exceed industry safety standards
  • Maximum allowable working pressure up to 400 psig (27 bar), with a temperature range of minus-40 degrees Fahrenheit to 165 degrees F
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