Diesel fuel price reaches highest level in 18 months

The average price of a gallon of diesel fuel nationwide rose to its highest level in more a year and a half, gaining 4.4 cents to $3.122 a gallon, according to US Department of Energy information.

The 10th increase in 11 weeks was the highest price since October 27, 2008, when diesel was at $3.288 in a downward retreat from that year’s record highs.

This latest price put trucking’s main fuel 93.7 cents over the same week in 2009. Diesel’s price has climbed 36.6 cents since its most recent upward trend began 11 weeks ago in mid-February, pausing only once for a 0.7-cent drop in late March.

The most recent price increase was the biggest in four weeks, since a 5.4-cent gain April 12.

All regions reported increases, with the Lower Atlantic area rising 5.4 cents to $3.079 as part of the East Coast increase of 5.2 cents to $3.127. California advanced 3.3 cents to a national high of $3.26.

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