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Schindewolf Express Schindewolf

Quest Liner acquires Schindewolf Express

Quest Liner, a subsidiary of the McCoy Group of Dubuque IA and one of the nation’s leading bulk carriers, recently purchased Schindewolf Express and Warehousing (SEI).

SEI, based in De Graff and Quincy OH, is a “well-respected” carrier that has served the bulk plastic resins market for the past 27 years, according to Quest Liner, which took over SEI operations Aug 18.

The newly acquired company operates in 17 states and Canada, and boasts a long-standing alliance with suppliers to the US automotive industry servicing several manufacturing locations.

Quest Liner said the acquisition expands its presence in the dry bulk plastic market and fits strategically into its current network of operations. Quest Liner also provides transportation and enhanced logistics services to the plastics industry in Mexico from its operations in Monterrey NL, Mexico.

Bulk-QLI truck.jpg

The McCoy Group’s transportation portfolio includes Foodliner, the nation’s largest food grade carrier, in addition to Quest Liner. The group has terminals and operations across the United States and Mexico. It is a Transport Topics Top 100 Carrier, and ranks second in the Bulk Transporter carrier rankings.

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