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Inspectors park 570 vehicles for brake violations

June 12, 2024
20% brake violations accounted for 57.9% of all out-of-service infractions during the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s 2024 Brake Safety Day event

Inspectors identified 570 commercial motor vehicles with brake-related critical inspection item violations during the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s one-day, brake-safety inspection and enforcement event.

CVSA-certified inspectors conducted 4,898 commercial motor vehicle inspections in 47 jurisdictions in Canada, Mexico, and the U.S. during this year’s event and found 4,328 commercial vehicles, or 88% of the total vehicles inspected, did not have any brake-related out-of-service (OOS) violations. But those vehicles with critical violations were immediately restricted from further travel, CVSA reported.

Of the 570 vehicles with OOS brake violations, inspectors discovered 330 with 20% brake violations, meaning 20% or more of the vehicle’s (or combination of the vehicle’s) service brakes had an OOS condition resulting in a defective brake. That was the top Brake Safety Day violation, accounting for 57.9% of all brake-related violations.

Inspectors found other brake violations on 256 (44.9%) of the commercial motor vehicles inspected. Examples of other brake violations include worn brake lines/hoses, broken brake drums, inoperative tractor protection system, inoperative low-air warning device, air leaks, hydraulic fluid leaks, etc.

Seventy-three vehicles, or 12.8%, had steering-related brake violations, CVSA said.

Brake lining/pad data

This year, emphasis was placed on brake lining/pad health and safety. Brake lining/pad issues may result in violations or OOS conditions and may affect a motor carrier’s safety rating. Inspectors found 108 power units and 66 towed units with lining/pad violations.

A total of 114 brake lining/pad violations were discovered on power units. The top brake lining/pad violation on power units was for contamination, with 48 violations.

Seventy-one brake lining/pad violations were identified on towed units. Twenty-three of the violations were for cracks/voids in the linings/pads—the top brake lining/pad violation on towed units.

PBBT data

Nine U.S. jurisdictions with performance-based brake testers (PBBT) utilized them during Brake Safety Day. A PBBT is a machine that assesses the braking performance of a vehicle. U.S. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations and CVSA’s North American Standard Out-of-Service Criteria require a minimum braking efficiency of 43.5%. If the vehicle’s braking efficiency is below 43.5%, it’s not providing the minimum stopping power required and needs to be serviced.

Eighty-eight PBBT inspections were conducted on Brake Safety Day. Four (4.5%) failed to meet the 43.5% minimum braking efficiency required and were placed out of service.

U.S. data

Thirty-seven U.S. jurisdictions participated in this year’s Brake Safety Day with inspectors conducting 3,859 Level I, IV, and V inspections. There were no brake-related OOS violations on 3,411 of those commercial motor vehicles. However, 448 commercial motor vehicles were placed out of service for brake-related violations, which is an 11.6% vehicle OOS rate. Additionally, 74 power units and 46 towed units had brake lining/pad violations.

Canadian data

Inspectors in nine Canadian provinces and territories conducted 1,021 Level I, IV, and V inspections, of which 904 of the commercial vehicles inspected did not have any brake-related OOS violations. Conversely, inspectors removed 117 vehicles from roadways for brake-related OOS violations, which is an 11.5% vehicle OOS rate. Additionally, 33 power units and 18 towed units had brake lining/pad violations.

Mexican data

In Mexico, 18 Level I and IV inspections were conducted. Thirteen of those vehicles did not have any brake-related OOS violations. However, five vehicles were placed out of service for brake-related violations, a 27.8% vehicle OOS rate. Additionally, inspectors identified one lining/pad violation on a power unit and two on towed units.

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