AmeriGas driver collects Lytx award

March 29, 2024
Video telematics company names 30-year veteran Daniel A. Bagley its 2024 Driver of the Year in the Services/Utilities category

AmeriGas Propane driver Daniel A. Bagley recently claimed the top driver award in the Services/Utilities category of Lytx’s 2024 Driver and Coach of the Year awards contest, which recognizes peer- and manager-nominated professionals for their positive influence on roadway safety.

Each winner successfully implemented the Lytx Driver Safety Program, which combines machine vision and artificial intelligence (MV+AI) technology with customizable coaching tools and reporting, Lytx said.

“One of the biggest highlights of our year is hearing the amazing stories and appreciating all of the incredible work that our driving and coaching professionals are performing,” Jeff Martin, Lytx VP of global sales strategy, said in a news release. “Knowing that our state-of-the-art safety tools, combined with these exceptional individual skillsets, are making a positive impact on today’s roadways is deeply gratifying.

“This effort is at the core of our company’s mission and vision.”

Additionally, AmeriGas’ Brian Suriani finished second in the Services/Utilities Coach of the Year category, and Texas Pride Fuels’ Giovanni Zappala placed third in the Waste/Construction Coach of the Year awards.

Bagley boasts 30 years as a professional driver, including 22 with AmeriGas, without a single moving violation of accident. Equally committed to customers and safety on the road, he makes a conscious effort each day to work and drive safely to not only protect himself, but those around him, Lytx said. Bagley takes pride in his work, insisting his “ultimate goal at the end of each day is to know I did my job, did it great, serviced all customers who expected me, and returned home in the same healthy condition.”

“Thank you, Dan, for going above and beyond to serve our customers, safely,” AmeriGas said in a Facebook post.

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