ATA seeks data on trucking industry safety investment

Aug. 5, 2015

The American Trucking Associations has launched a survey to determine how much the trucking industry invests in ensuring the nation’s highways are safe.

“Last year, we conservatively estimated that trucking spends $7 billion annually on safety, even though we believe the true number is much higher,” said ATA Executive Vice-President Dave Osiecki. “So, today, we are asking carriers of all sizes and types to please take part in a brief survey so we can develop a more accurate figure.”

ATA President and CEO Bill Graves added: “Safety is our industry’s and our association’s highest priority. Information on how much trucking invests in safety and what it spends that money on will be invaluable for ATA and for policymakers as they set our industry’s course for the future.”

The 2015 Safety Expenditure Study is open to all for-hire and private motor carriers--regardless of membership in ATA--and addresses the investments made around drug testing, driver safety incentives, training, onboard safety technology, safety personnel compensation, and consulting fees.

Carriers can take the survey here at, and those that do will receive a complimentary benchmarking guide based on the survey’s findings and an invitation to an exclusive webinar on the survey’s findings.

Surveys must be completed by August 14.