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CHEMTREC introduces SDS Authoring service

Oct. 31, 2023
New Safety Data Sheet creation service simplifies safety and compliance for businesses that respond to hazardous materials emergencies

CHEMTREC recently introduced a comprehensive new Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Authoring service designed to simplify and streamline the SDS creation process.

“We have gradually introduced our SDS Authoring service to our existing customer base and the response has been overwhelmingly positive with 100% of surveyed respondents awarding top ratings for quality, delivery time, and overall experience,” CHEMTREC CEO Andrew H. LaVanway said in a news release.

“Not only can we deliver top-tier SDSs, but we can support a diverse range of languages, safeguarding compliance with the most rigorous regulations across numerous global jurisdictions.”

Businesses that respond to emergencies involving hazardous chemicals and materials rely on SDS documents as critical tools for the safety of their reading audience and environmental surroundings, as well as maintaining regulatory compliance. The SDS Authoring service features certified SDS registered professional specialists who possess an in-depth understanding of the complex regulatory landscape and employ specialized quality and compliance standards to help meet the highest industry standards, CHEMTREC said.

CHEMTREC also offers an ongoing maintenance program that helps businesses keep their SDS documents current with the ever-evolving regulatory landscape and incorporates the latest safety information; and allows customers to customize their SDSs with their company’s unique branding and information.

“It’s one thing to read about hypothetical situations during research and trainings as an SDS author, but it’s another to witness firsthand the types of calls that come into CHEMTREC every day for spills and exposure incidents and how much the SDS is relied upon for mitigating the situation,” said Katie Lavender, SDS Authoring manager at CHEMTREC. “It really puts emphasis on how accuracy and precision are key, and how lack thereof can put the safety of someone’s life and surroundings in danger. With that being said, with every SDS authoring request we receive here at CHEMTREC, we understand the importance of how each of the 16 sections matter to someone.

“Our goal is not to simply author a compliant SDS, but to provide the most reliable and precise one that all users of the supply chain will benefit from.”

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