Ez Fill And Saver One

EzFill pilots distracted driving system

March 29, 2023
Israel-based SaverOne's technology prevents drivers from accessing their phones, thereby reducing the chances of a costly fuel truck accident.

Mobile fueler EzFill is testing an Israel-based technology company’s system for preventing distracted driving in its fuel trucks.

The pilot trial of SaverOne’s technology is the first in the U.S., the companies said.

The SaverOne system uses innovative technology to prevent driver distraction caused by cell phones by preventing a driver’s access to various apps on the device, while allowing passengers to use their devices normally.

“EzFill and SaverOne, as disruptive technology companies in the mobility sector, share a vision to improve transportation for all, making it more convenient and also safer,” Ori Gilboa, CEO of SaverOne, said in a news release. “EzFill is our first pilot in the United States and represents a new and significant step in our strategy to expand our products and services internationally. We look forward to a fruitful relationship with EzFill.

“We hope to ultimately broaden our work with them throughout their fleet, and in a later phase, for Ezfill to distribute the SaverOne system to the fleets of their customers.”

The companies said they’re equipping “a number of EzFill’s mobile fueling trucks” with SaverOne technology. The goal of the trial is to reduce distractions from cell phone use by EzFill drivers, thereby reducing the chances of a costly fuel truck accident.

“We’re excited to be able to give this unique technology its first pilot test in the United States,” EzFill CEO Mike McConnell said. “We’re happy to be able to participate in the testing of this new technology with the potential to drastically reduce driver distraction and the accidents that occur as a result.

“As we look to diversify our products and services by working with strategic partners, we see potential for this technology to be offered to our fleet customer base.”