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NTTC reveals 2022 Heil Trophy finalists

March 20, 2023
Grand Award winners move on to compete for one of three North American safety championships, including the first National Tank Truck Carriers private fleet championship

National Tank Truck Carriers on Monday, March 20, revealed the winners of its Grand, Honor, and Merit awards. Grand Award recipients selected in the first round of the 2022 North American Safety Contest now move on to compete for prestigious Heil Trophies.

NTTC will name three safety champions, including two for-hire carriers and, for the first time, one private fleet. For-hire NTTC members compete for the Harvison and Sutherland division crowns. The Harvison division includes Classes 1-5 for carriers with more than 15 million miles traveled in 2022, and the Sutherland division includes Classes 6-10 for carriers whose trucks traveled fewer than 15 million miles.

The three North American safety champions will be revealed May 23 during NTTC’s 2023 Annual Conference and Exhibits in Boston, Massachusetts.

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“It is with great pleasure that we recognize and honor all member companies of the NTTC whose safety operations have been deemed exceptional and worthy of distinction in the highly esteemed 2022 North American Safety Contest,” NTTC said in a news release. “These outstanding award winners are a testament to the timeless dedication and unwavering commitment to safety that sets the tank truck industry apart.”

For-hire carrier Grand Award winners

(Company, mileage category)

  • Heniff Transportation Systems, Class 1
  • Oakley Transport, Class 2
  • Slay Transportation, Class 3
  • Tidewater Transit, Class 4
  • Tandet Group, Class 5
  • Harmac Transportation, Class 6
  • Solar Transport, Class 7
  • Alaska West Express, Class 8
  • AG Energy Transport, Class 9
  • Ee-Jay Motor Transports, Class 9
  • Lamb Fuels, Class 10
  • Ventura Transfer Company, Class 10

Private fleet Grand Award winners

(Company, mileage category)

  • Gemini Motor Transport, Class 1
  • CLI Transport, Class 2
  • Casey’s Services Company, Class 3
  • LSP Transport, Class 4
  • Poolsure, Class 5

For-hire carrier Honor Award winners

(Company, mileage category)

  • Trimac Transportation, Class 1
  • TransWood, Class 2
  • Ergon Trucking, Class 3
  • Service Transport Company, Class 4
  • Custom Commodities Transport, Class 5
  • RST Industries Limited, Class 6
  • HazMat Environmental Group, Class 7
  • Newman Carriers, Class 8
  • Iowa Tanklines, Class 9
  • Lacy’s Express, Class 10

Private fleet Honor Award winners

(Company, mileage category)

  • Pilot Company, Class 1
  • SWTO, Class 3
  • Cato, Class 5

For-hire carrier Merit Award winners

(Company, mileage category)

  • Quality Carriers, Class 1
  • Dana Transport Companies, Class 2
  • United Petroleum Transports, Class 3
  • Genox Transportation, Class 4
  • Action Resources, Class 5
  • Cox Petroleum Transport, Class 6
  • Commercial Transport, Class 7
  • Liquid Cargo Group, Class 8
  • Quick-Way, Class 9
  • Prescott Tank Lines, Class 10

Past North American safety champions

(Since the award was split into two mileage divisions in 2014)

  • 2014: Tidewater Transit, Harvison; Wynne Transport, Sutherland
  • 2015: Miller Transporters, Harvison; Carbon Express, Sutherland
  • 2016: Groendyke Transport, Harvison; GLS Transport, Sutherland
  • 2017: Gemini Motor Transport, Harvison; G&D Trucking/Hoffman Transportation, Sutherland
  • 2018: Groendyke Transport, Harvison; Tandet Logistics, Sutherland
  • 2019: Trimac Transportation, Harvison; G&D Trucking/Hoffman Transportation, Sutherland
  • 2020: Suttles Truck Leasing, Harvison; LSP Transport, Sutherland
  • 2021: Service Transport Company, Harvison; Lacy’s Express, Sutherland
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