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Volvo Trucks introduces all-new powertrain solution

March 15, 2022
‘Industry-first’ I-Torque option for D13 Turbo Compound Engine takes fuel efficiency, drivability, and productivity to new heights

Volvo Trucks North America recently introduced the I-Torque powertrain, an option with the latest D13 Turbo Compound engine designed to deliver “best-in-class” fuel efficiency without compromising performance, drivability, and productivity.

The all-new I-Torque is a unique solution that enables a truck to operate optimally, with up to a 31% increase in fuel-efficient speed range, helping fleets achieve up to 8.5 miles per gallon at 85 mph, Volvo said. I-Torque comprises the D13 Turbo Compound (TC) engine, the I-Shift with overdrive features, adaptive gear shift strategy, a new map-based version of the predictive cruise control Volvo I-See, and rear axle ratios as low as 2.15.

The overall functionality of the I-Torque configuration is that it uses Volvo Trucks’ 13-speed I-Shift feature with crawler gear, and combines the fuel efficiency advantages of direct drive with the performance and flexibility of overdrive, the company added. By incorporating I-See, low rear axle ratios, and load sensing software at highway speeds, the truck’s system will select either direct drive or overdrive to maximize fuel efficiency without forfeiting performance or productivity. 

I-Shift together with the new version of the I-See technology, which employs real-time, map-based data and GPS positioning, manages speed and gear shifting in the most fuel-efficient way on any route or terrain and generates up to an additional 1% in fuel savings. Further enhancing the VNL driving experience, its lower engine RPMs during operation and creates a more pleasurable driving experience with a quieter cab environment and reduced engine vibration.

“In today’s demanding and quickly changing transportation business environment, that requires a high degree of flexibility and adaptable truck performance on various terrains and routes, I-Torque is the solution for our customers who need to stay competitive with a truck where fuel economy and optimized performance is taken to the next level without any compromises,” said Johan Agebrand, director of product marketing at Volvo Trucks North America. “The current business environment is a perfect example, where diesel prices are pacing well beyond $4 per gallon and the pressure on transportation is high.

“We are proud to help boost customer productivity and savings with this industry-first technology, and further Volvo Trucks’ mission to bring a solution that’s driven by our sustainability goals, further decreasing our trucks’ CO2 emissions.”

Volvo Trucks says it is optimistic fleet owners and drivers will see the immediate value and competitive advantages that come with adding the I-Torque option to the D13TC engine, which is already standard in all VNL sleeper models.

“When we deploy this dynamic powertrain combination, maximizing drivability and productivity, the results are a quiet cab and responsive, powerful ride that drivers will love,” Agebrand maintained. “As the only offering of its kind, I-Torque is a solution that demonstrates our core value of sustainability by providing best-in-class fuel efficiency.

“We also deliver on our promise to customers and drivers by enhancing truck performance and productivity.”

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