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Vnomics offers True Fuel for telematics systems

June 4, 2020
Optimization solution application enables fleets to realize fuel savings without requiring new in-cab hardware

Vnomics, a provider of onboard fuel optimization solutions,  says it is expanding its product offering by making its True Fuel optimization solution available to fleets as an application for use with their existing telematics systems, including ELDs. 

“With our new True Fuel application’s reduced price and complexity, fleets can realize a return on investment in fuel savings the same day that they start using the software,” said Bob Magnant, vice president of product management at Vnomics. “Expanding our product offering to run True Fuel on existing telematics platforms will mean more fleets can realize its benefits, including saving between and 3% and 10% on their annual fuel purchase, and by using its in-cab coaching system and automated reporting for productive driver interactions by trainers.”

The ROI for the new True Fuel application also is accelerated because it can be used without the need to purchase or install in-cab hardware, and because it simplifies the implementation process for fleets by eliminating the need to coordinate installation of on-board components, the company said. For flexibility, especially in operations with a mix of trucks with and without telematics systems, Vnomics continues to offer True Fuel with in-cab hardware.

True Fuel enables fleets to lower operating expenses by reducing fuel waste. Its method of real-time, in-cab coaching helps correct inefficient driving behaviors, Vnomics maintained. True Fuel's patented software accurately quantifies fuel loss due to driver behavior, including engine speed control, speeding and idling, giving fleets an accurate fuel performance-based metric that can be used in fuel savings initiatives or as part of a driver incentive program to increase retention. 

To enable the new True Fuel application on existing vehicle telematics systems, contact Vnomics or a telematics solution provider.

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