Peterson LumenX lights offer new design

March 12, 2014

Peterson’s new LumenX Series 7 safety lights take LED brightness and safety to a whole new level. Powered by the latest white-diode LEDs, the LumenX Series features breakthrough optics engineered for such efficient light dispersal that the entire lens illuminates fully—no “hot spots” or “dead zones,” regardless of viewing angle. The DOT-legal LumenX Series comprises S/T/T lights, turn signals, backup lights, and work lights available in 4" round and 6" oval footprints.

LumenX Series lights are built to shine brighter for greater visibility and safety in any weather. They’re also built to last in any weather, featuring high-grade plastic resins and fully integrated insert molding for super protection. Cost-wise, LumenX can compete with any standard LED lighting.

Series 7 models include red, amber, and white in both 4" rounds in seven- and nine-diode versions, and ovals in seven- and 10-diode versions. Each model features fully integrated insert molded terminals for robust protection. All models can be ordered with AMP-compatible connections. Seven-diode rounds and ovals are also available with the industry-standard PL3 connection. Integrated voltage regulation is supplied on all models; multi-volt design is offered on certain models.

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