Betts Industries acquires majority stake in J-Tech

Nov. 10, 2017
Read about Betts Industries plan for J-Tech

Betts Industries announced that it has acquired a majority stake in J-Tech Incorporated--Betts' exclusive, factory-approved rebuilder for tank truck valves. J-Tech and Betts Industries have a collaboration stretching back more than 20 years, and the agreement comes as an outgrowth of this partnership.

In addition to tank truck valves, J-Tech is known for its highway safety attenuator trucks and truck-mounted attenuators, which it sells, rents, and custom builds for clients. The product line includes crash, cushion, and pattern trucks.

Scott Johnson, founder and president of J-Tech, said: "We are poised for growth, and Betts is coming in at just the right time in our relationship so that we can meet the increasing demand for products like our attenuator trucks."

He went on to explain that the relationship will enable them to bring trucks and other items to the market faster. Betts will also apply their administrative, operational, and accounting disciplines to what J-Tech does, which they believe will provide additional benefits.

 Clifford Betts, president of Betts Industries, said that this new partnership will bring greater diversity to the Betts business portfolio, along with a fresh dose of energy. "J-Tech is an agile, entrepreneurial company, and we're excited about the potential that's there," he said

 Johnson will remain president of J-Tech, and he will continue to oversee all of the organization's day-to-day operations. Other than expanding, J-Tech's entire management team and workforce will remain unchanged.

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