Ridewell axle compatible with WABCO PAN-17 air disc brake

Dec. 7, 2016

Ridewell Suspensions has released a five-inch Ridewell brand axle compatible with WABCO PAN-17 air disc brake (ADB). The base axle is currently available in 71.5” and 77.5” track widths, and a 29.5” width for trunnion mounts.

The WABCO PAN-17 compatible axles offer a redesigned KIC LLC hub and rotor for a more robust interface and a rotor designed to increase cooling and reduce the potential for cracking.

The KIC assembly also provides a premium National Gold PTFE wheel seal. Both PAN-17 service or park brake chambers are available. The hub-piloted, 8 stud hub style accommodates a 17.5” wheel size and long studs for aluminum wheels.

Ridewell brand axles are available in different tube and spindle combinations.  Axles can be ordered fully dressed with assorted options for on-highway and intermittent off-highway usage.