Tremcar manufacturing high quality vacuum tanks

Oct. 5, 2016

Over the summer, Tremcar delivered its newest Vacuum tank for Enviro Urgence. The company has previously developed several vacuum models for the sanitary and environmental industries. The newly delivered unit confirms Tremcar’s leadership in manufacturing quality tanks.

Over the years, Tremcar has developed expertise in the vacuum industry by manufacturing different units such as portable toilet vac tanks, septic vac tanks, city sewer vac tanks combined tank, hydro-excavator and the latest model Wet & Dry DOT412.

This single-compartment, 3,800 USG, DOT/TC-412, ASME U-Stamp certified unit is manufactured to clean industrial and commercial hazardous and non-hazardous waste. The specialized unit is certified to meet the most stringent environmental standards.

The tank is mounted on a stainless steel sub-frame with stainless steel tie downs. The pumping equipment runs from 1,800 CFM to 6,500 CFM with a transfer case. The vane pump for pressure has a 512 CFM air flow hydraulic drive with an oil catch muffler. The filtration system is a cyclone, bag house with an automatic pulse system. As for the boom, Tremcar offers multi configurations (design and size) available to meet customer needs.

Come and see Tremcar’s Hydro Excavator at the Waste and Recycling Expo Show, November 9-10 at the International Centre in Toronto ON, Canada. Reggie Croteau, Tremcar vacuum specialist will be on hand to demonstrate the equipment.