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BTI debuts new manhole assembly

March 31, 2020
Innovative Never-Seize assembly, which joins the Never-Seize Adjuster, helps reduce product contamination

Bulk Tank Inc (BTI) recently revealed a new Ultra-Light Never-Seize Manhole Assembly, which joins the company’s new Never-Seize Adjusters.

The company said the manhole assembly reduces product contamination and transport costs, and comes with a 10-year warranty.

BTI engineers designed the Ultra-Light Never-Seize Manhole Assembly with a self-aligning lid gasket and upgraded lid to solve a key issue with old-style assemblies that use the metal on the lid to align to the collar, allowing metal shavings to end up in your load from metal-to-metal contact when the lid is closed. This new design reduces product contamination, which, in-turn, saves money and reduces costs, BTI said.

The new assembly is up to 21 pounds lighter, helping increase a trailer’s storage capacity. Using BTI’s lightweight parts, an annual increase in revenue per trailer making three hauls per day is nearly $1,000, the company maintained.

“We are constantly enhancing our technology and product lines to save the industry both time and money,” said Andy Boyer, BTI president. “We know the importance of making each haul be as cost effective as possible. With our Ultra-Light products, our clients can save money, product and time.” 

According to BTI, Never-Seize Adjusters are available in stainless steel and feature internal adjustment threads, with an o-ring seal and a built-in scraper to remove product buildup.

The American-made BTI Ultra-Light Never-Seize Manhole Assembly is expected to be available for shipment this summer, the company added, and Never-Seize Adjusters are available now.

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