TYTAL issues DOT407 tank recall notice

Trailers y Tanques de Aluminio, SA de CV (TYTAL), has issued to following recall notice to its customers:

TYTAL, in close cooperation with the Federal

Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), has found two defects in its 407 tanks manufactured between 2011 and 2014. The defects affecting the tanks, per capacity, are the following:

10,500 gallon DOT407 tanks.

   1. Inadequate accident damage protection pursuant to 49 CFR 178.345-8(c)(1).

   2. Inadequate venting capacity of pressure relief systems pursuant to 49 CFR 178.345-10(e).

8,717 gallon and 8,400 gallon DOT407 tanks.

   1. Inadequate accident damage protection pursuant to 49 CFR 178.345-8(c)(1).

TYTAL is issuing this RECALL NOTICE to invite all dealers, owners and operators of CTMV’s manufactured by our company during this period to contact us.

Attached to customer emails are drawings and instructions for the adjustments need, the repairs will be done free of charge at TYTAL’s repair facilities in San Antonio TX and authorized repair stations in the US.

Please be advised that effective June 1, 2016, if the repairs have not been made, FMCSA will initiate enforcement actions on owners and operators of these TYTAL CTMVs transporting any hazardous materials that require use of a DOT407 tank. Additionally, the CTMVs will be immediately removed from 407 hazardous materials service until such time as the repairs are made.

According to our records, you acquired some units manufactured during the covered period.

Therefore, we kindly request you contact our Customer Service Department to establish a plan of action to correct these defects.

Please contact us at [email protected]

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