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Training guide assists in ethanol emergencies

Safety is the top priority of America’s ethanol industry and those who transport and bring ethanol to the marketplace. It is with this commitment in mind that the Ethanol Emergency Response Coalition (EERC) has compiled and released the Complete Training Guide for Ethanol Emergency Response, to help prepare ethanol producers, transporters, and first responders who may experience or come in contact with an ethanol-related emergency.

This training package includes two videos, an instructor’s guide, interactive workshops, and seven modules and PowerPoint presentations, each focusing on a specific and important aspect of ethanol response. Guidelines are also given for fire departments and first responders that have ethanol production facilities in their communities.

As the ethanol industry continues to expand to all parts of the country, it is inevitable that most American’s will encounter ethanol one way or another. It is important that those responsible for the safety of these communities are well prepared and trained for responding to ethanol related emergencies. This training package is extremely beneficial with information about ethanol and other fuel related incidents, giving first responders the knowledge and training they require.

The Complete Training Guide to Ethanol Emergency Response is now available at

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