Royal Vopak’s Vietnam terminal ready to serve

Royal Vopak’s new modern chemicals storage terminal in Vietnam has been commissioned as of June 2009. The terminal is in Vietnam’s Dong Nai Province at the Nhon Trach District, Phuoc Khanh Ward location. The terminal is ready to be part of the supply chain for the chemicals manufacturing industry that serves more than 89 million people in Vietnam.

The terminal is an important footprint for Vopak customers in Vietnam. Vopak’s terminal in Vietnam is at the center of major industrial parks in the south. It is the biggest independent tank storage terminal in Vietnam with easy access to end-users in the chemical manufacturing hub. The terminal is also situated in a key growth and development area targeted by the government.

Jason Tan, general director of Vopak Vietnam, said, “We have achieved our ISO 9001:2000 certification in April 2009. This state-of-art terminal also comes with its own wastewater treatment plant. Besides giving customers more options, we also ensure that our operations stay clean and green for the environment.”

The 35 tanks have a total storage capacity of 48,200 cubic meters, with potential to expand another 60,000 cubic meters depending on market demand.

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