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Andrews Logistics wins top NTTC safety award

Read more about Andrews Logistics in this June 2010 article

Andrews Logistics Inc, Irving TX, was named winner of the 2009 Outstanding Performance Trophy in the National Tank Truck Carriers annual safety contest.

Andrews Logistics ran 10,716,295 miles in 2009 and compiled a .093 accident frequency in its tank truck operations. The company also operates van trailers and warehouses. The management team leading Andrews Logistics includes Darron Eschle, chairman and chief executive officer, and Griff Odgers, vice-president of safety and risk management.

Three of four judges selected Andrews Logistics for first place, and the fourth judge had the carrier tied for first place, according to NTTC officials. Each judge voted independently in the contest and did not know the others who were judging the contest.

Andrews Logistics will be honored at the 2010 NTTC Safety conference April 6-8 in Nashville TN and at the NTTC Annual Conference and Equipment Show May 10-12 in Chicago IL.

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