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Vnomics Corp partners with SpeedGauge

Vnomics Corp has enhanced its real-time fleet management system by partnering with SpeedGauge, an international provider of driver behavior and speed management systems for commercial trucking fleets. Vnomics’ enhanced platform will now offer fleet managers greater safety and even more cost savings. The SpeedGauge partnership expands speed monitoring to every location a commercial fleet operates—not just the open road or on Interstate highways.

Vnomics’ patented technology calculates vehicle mpg potential and communicates optimal practices and techniques to operate vehicles based on equipment, road, load, and environmental conditions. The addition of SpeedGauge to its platform allows Vnomics customers to leverage an innovative speed monitoring solution.

Using Vnomics’ location-based information, SpeedGauge compares vehicle speeds with posted speed limits for all Interstates, side roads, and rural and urban streets—anywhere a speed limit is posted. Fleets using the Vnomics system can also set customized speeding thresholds to receive reports of all incidents that exceed those limits. Reporting options offer a street view map of the location where the infraction occurred. The capability extends to customer yards and terminals—anywhere a fleet safety manager chooses to monitor.

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