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SkyBitz improves InSight's capabilities

SkyBitz InSight is SkyBitz's best-in-class software application for tracking, monitoring, and managing a broad range of assets for multiple industries, including chemical, oil and gas, trucking, rail, utilities, and third-party logistics (3PLs). The secure Web-based application is dedicated to helping customers reduce capital expenditures, optimize trailer utilization, eliminate “lost” trailers, increase detention billing, track stolen trailers, and improve customer service.

In March 2009, an upgraded version of InSight went into operation as new operational abilities were added to the asset management software application. The enhanced version of InSight includes: the ability to provide a single view of all assets regardless of type such as: tanker, trailer, reefer, railcar, oil and gas rig, and electric utility meter; advanced notifications using asset parameters such as the range for “out of hours,” “out of geo-fenced,” “out of temperature,” or parameters like open/close door, cargo load/unload range, in order to manage asset theft recovery, utilization, and detention; and high-security settings and asset pooling at the user level.

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