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ORBCOMM provides fuel shipment monitoring system for US, NATO in Afghanistan US Army photo

ORBCOMM provides fuel shipment monitoring system for US, NATO in Afghanistan


Orbcomm Inc’sGlobalTrak division has supplied its state-of-the-art fuel monitoring system to prevent theft of mission-critical fuel used by US and NATO forces in Afghanistan. An Orbcomm team has been deployed to manage on-site installation and launch of the fuel monitoring system.

Following a comprehensive evaluation of several major companies, the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) selected GlobalTrak for this project and determined that it was the only solution provider that could demonstrate both fuel level monitoring as well as security of the fuel ports and valves, according to Orbcomm officials. Customers include several fuel companies who have been contracted by DLA to deliver fuel to critical points around Afghanistan.

“The shipment of our fuel monitoring solution to Afghanistan is an exciting milestone for this project, and we are already seeing a growing market need for fuel security in areas outside the region, such as in Africa, Latin America and other parts of the Middle East, where fuel theft is also prevalent,” says Marc Eisenberg, Orbcomm’s chief executive officer. “We believe this solution will become a major deterrent to fuel theft in both military and commercial zones throughout the globe and will significantly improve operational efficiency for fuel transporters and other key stakeholders.”

This fuel monitoring system features an integrated tracking device that delivers near-real-time location, fuel level, and security status of fuel tankers using cellular and satellite communication networks to a central data fusion and monitoring center. This data can be accessed by the customer through the Internet or by mobile devices. Customized reports also can be generated to meet a customer’s specific requirements.

The system communicates with fuel sensors that are installed in chambers of a fuel tanker and wireless security seals that can be connected to valves or other fuel access points. This high-performance solution continuously monitors fuel levels and security status and will send an alarm in the event of a sudden breach or change in fuel level. Valuable metrics on driver and company performance for transportation contractors are also delivered and serve as a powerful forensics tool for the investigation of theft events.

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