Steven Berglund, Trimble president and CEO, opened the 2018 in.sight user conference by announcing that PeopleNet, TMW and 10-4 systems are now under the Trimble brand.

PeopleNet, TMW, and 10-4 Systems are now Trimble

Oct. 30, 2018
TRIMBLE officials announced that the PeopleNet, TMW, and 10-4 Systems businesses are now under the Trimble brand.

TRIMBLE officials announced that the PeopleNet, TMW, and 10-4 Systems businesses are now under the Trimble brand. The announcement was made during the opening session of the third annual in.sight user conference + expo held September 9-12 in Houston, Texas.

By unifying PeopleNet, TMW, and 10-4 under a singular brand, Trimble further articulates its approach in providing a comprehensive fleet mobility, management and logistics platform, enabling customers to connect all aspects of their business—trucks, drivers, freight, and assets—to make more informed decisions and reach new levels of productivity, efficiency and safety.

“We are unified by a common mission—to connect every facet of transportation—which is now further reflected through PeopleNet, TMW and 10-4’s transition to Trimble,” said Steve Berglund, president and chief executive officer of Trimble. “We’re not leaving behind the names of individual companies but rather honoring them as the foundation for our continued emphasis on supporting our customers and moving the industry forward.”

Through the robust capabilities of Trimble Transportation, customers can utilize an intelligent ecosystem backed by Trimble’s open, scalable platform. The common platform enables rapid innovation and signals Trimble’s commitment to advancing technology to meet both customer needs and lead in the evolution the transportation industry.

“This transition is an exciting reflection of the work we’re doing to usher in a new era of transportation technology,” said Bryn Fosburgh, senior vice-president for Trimble and president of Trimble Transportation Enterprise. “Trimble is leading the industry in delivering a comprehensive set of solutions, industry expertise and global reach, along with a strong legacy as a customer-first culture that will remain at the heart of what we do.”

“By aligning our innovation and solutions as Trimble, we can ensure that we put our diverse set of customers and their users first,” said Thomas Fansler, president of Trimble Transportation Mobility. “Our connected approach provides customers with solutions to maximize the performance and safety of all aspects of their organization.”