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Truck-Lite’s Road Ready system launches SmartBridge Integrator

March 21, 2018
Truck-Lite’s Road Ready system launches SmartBridge Integrator

The Road Ready system by Truck-Lite Co LLC, a worldwide leader in heavy-duty lighting, mirror, telematics and visibility systems, unveiled its SmartBridge Integrator (SBI) and installation application at TMC’s annual meeting in Atlanta GA.

The Road Ready system creates the industry’s first true “smart” trailer with its solar-powered Master Control Unit (MCU). With a military-grade solar panel and a 10-year, quick-charging battery, the MCU continually monitors and transmits crucial data from customizable Road Ready sensors to an intuitive user interface without requiring power from a tractor, providing greater insight into a trailer environment and helping to lower maintenance costs and CSA scores.

The latest development, the SBI, bridges OE trailer products and systems with Road Ready by broadcasting data to the cloud for review on Road Ready’s website or a fleet’s own dispatching software system.

“The new SmartBridge functionality effectively creates the second generation of the system by integrating existing trailer devices with the Road Ready network,” said Rob Richard, vice-president and general manager of Road Ready. “The SBI, combined with our best-in-class battery life and sensor options, makes Road Ready the most dynamic, customizable and dependable trailer telematics solution available.”

Several of the industry’s leading and most trusted trailer systems manufacturers have signed on as technical partners, including Continental (tire pressure monitoring), Purkeys (lift gate charging), PSI, Hendrickson, and STEMCO (inflation systems). Any fleet currently using these systems can seamlessly incorporate and benefit from Road Ready.

Also new for 2018 is the Road Ready system’s mobile application, which provides step-by-step instructions for hardware installation and setup. The installation app also allows users to pair their trailers with the Road Ready user interface, which previously could only be done at a computer.

 “The Road Ready installation app makes both hardware and software setup even easier,” said Lisa LaVan, technical program manager for Road Ready. “Users are no longer confined to a desktop to complete the process, and fleets can start getting the most out of their trailers even more quickly.”

Road Ready's free installation app is currently compatible with iOS 9.0 or later and is available in the iTunes App Store.

Truck-Lite’s Road Ready system is a solar-powered, wireless, multi-functional trailer monitoring solution and is easily customizable for any fleet requirement.

For more information, visit www.roadreadysystem.com.