Fleet Complete, Phillips Connect Technologies form strategic partnership

Feb. 27, 2018
Fleet Complete, Phillips Connect Technologies form strategic partnership

Through a strategic partnership, Phillips Connect Technologies’ TrailerNet system, powered by Fleet Complete’s cloud-based CONNVEX platform will equip fleets, OEMs, and suppliers with immediate and actionable visibility into all smart components on their trailers. This provides a significant increase in uptime, maximized trailer safety, improved utilization and, most importantly, an improved ROI on the connected assets.

Utilizing the advanced CONNVEX platform, Phillips Connect Technologies and Fleet Complete provide fleets with granular and panoramic visibility into multiple onboard trailer sensors that comprise a vast and growing number of participating suppliers. The CONNVEX cloud prognostics engine expands fleets’ trailer capacities to advanced remote diagnostics, enhanced cargo safety and security, and optimized asset utilization.

According to Sandeep Kar, CSO of Fleet Complete, “Advanced analytics and other ensuing innovations from this partnership will accelerate the effectiveness and efficiency of freight transportation as well as the development of new solutions, geared towards end-user value enhancement. This will empower fleet managers, drivers, and shippers together with improving business models that rely on trailer connectivity.”

Tony Lourakis, founder and CEO of Fleet Complete, adds: “We are very excited to join forces with Phillips Connect Technologies [a division of Phillips Industries]. This partnership will accelerate the development and delivery of innovative fleet solutions that leverage state-of-the-art IoT infrastructure, yet are cost-effective and easy to use. We chose Phillips Industries as a partner, owing to its sterling reputation as a leading innovator in trailer technologies for the past 90 years.

“Phillips’ role in spearheading customer value initiatives and advancing the trailer industry align perfectly with Fleet Complete’s goals and objectives. Together, we will bring transformative, future-proof plug-and-play trailer connectivity solutions to our end-users, zeroing in on trailer component visibility at a level never seen before.”

During a recent interview, Bill Ellis, managing director of Phillips Connect Technologies, said: “When you see the power of having all of your smart components on a trailer reporting their status in real-time, as well as getting immediate alerts when any of the components on your fleet are showing early signs of failure, you’ll wonder how you ever survived without it. Our mission from day one was to develop a system that could consolidate all of the great technologies being launched by our supplier community into a single platform, capable of displaying all those different codes onto one dashboard. Thanks to our partnership with Fleet Complete, we’ve been successful in achieving our objectives.”