TMW.Suite fuel dispatch solution integrates with Titan for near-real-time data on retailer tank inventories

Oct. 24, 2017
Read how TMW.Suite, Titan developed tech for near-real-time data on retailer tank inventories

TMW Systems announced that its TMW.Suite fuel dispatch solution is now integrated with Titan Cloud Software, an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and compliance platform used by fuel retailers. Through this integration, fuel haulers using the TMW.Suite software can access near-real-time information regarding in-tank inventories for thousands of retail locations across the United States.

The Titan integration provides TMW.Suite users accurate and timely updates of retailer tank inventories, enabling fuel haulers to respond more proactively and efficiently to changing market conditions. The TMW solution’s demand tracking and forecasting features also enable users to automatically build and schedule loads of the appropriate quantities to prevent runouts and retains.

“TMW.Suite is a premier planning and dispatch solution used by North American fuel haulers,” said John Day, industry principal, energy, TMW Systems. “Through this relationship with Titan, our users will enjoy increased frequency and accuracy of inventory data. This in turn will help lead to a stronger competitive advantage through dramatically improved situational awareness and inventory efficiency.”

The TMW.Suite integration leverages Titan’s high-frequency fuel inventory and alarm data coupled with remote automatic tank gauge (ATG) management tools and advanced wetstock solutions to maximize tank uptime.

“As TMW.Suite has increasingly become the choice for fuel logistics among many of our largest clients, we are pleased to collaborate in enhancing the bottom-line value of our complementary solutions,” said David Freese, chief executive officer of Titan Cloud Software.