TMW Systems adds predictive maintenance analytics app

Aug. 16, 2017

TMW Systems has introduced a powerful predictive maintenance application, TMT Predict.Fault Code, that enables fleet professionals to anticipate and address potential vehicle breakdowns and other unscheduled service needs before they occur. The new application is the first tool to be offered under the company’s new TMT Predict Series of maintenance analytics solutions.

The TMT Predict.Fault Code application works in conjunction with the PeopleNet Mobile Gateway (PMG) and Vusion data science to capture and analyze vehicle fault codes and other signal values representing more than 80 leading vehicle performance variables. When fault codes and other vehicle data indicate an increased probability of failure, a dashboard alert appears within the user’s TMT Fleet Maintenance software. The alert identifies the fleet’s assigned equipment number, vehicle identification number, probability of failure, Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) and description, leading performance variables triggering the probability, and other key equipment and signal values.

This new predictive maintenance capability is available for vehicles equipped with PMG via factory or aftermarket installation. The feature is currently offered for a number of leading commercial vehicle nameplates.

“Preventing just 35% of unplanned repairs can save fleets thousands of dollars in hard costs alone,” said Renaldo Adler, principal, asset maintenance and fleet and service centers for TMW. “Many serious faults also can have a cascading effect on other vehicle systems if they aren’t caught in time. Our new predictive maintenance capabilities can help the fleet manager pull the vehicle out of operation before a problem becomes extremely expensive.”

Maintenance costs for heavy-haul vehicles in North America have increased an estimated 50% over the past five years. Up to 20% of these costs are associated with vehicle breakdowns and other unplanned service events, according to industry sources. In fact, the cost of each unplanned event can reach thousands of dollars based on towing charges, lost labor, the purchase of replacement parts, shipper penalties and reduced margin.

To learn more about the TMT Predict.Fault Code application and TMT Predict Series, call (800) 401-6682.