VDO RoadLog Office Advanced offers fleet management with cellular connectivity

Aug. 16, 2017

Continental, a global leader in electronic logging device technology, now offers VDO RoadLog Office Advanced, an online tool for compliance reporting and fleet management. The system is designed to allow fleet managers to automatically send and receive data to and from the VDO RoadLog ELD Plus, whenever there’s a cellular connection.

Among its many features, VDO RoadLog Office Advanced offers near real-time track-andtrace for drivers and vehicles as well as mapping that shows when and where vehicles have traveled over multiple days. The system eliminates hours of manual work for reporting hours Of service (HOS), state mileage reporting (IFTA/IRP), and pre/post trip inspection reports (DVIR).

VDO RoadLog Office Advanced also provides automatic log auditing and archiving. Log violation reports can be generated and printed for review with drivers. For easier fleet management, VDO RoadLog Office Advanced allows managers to monitor driver availability remotely and to organize drivers and vehicles into groups.

VDO RoadLog Office Advanced is the first service level offered in the VDO RoadLog Office suite of online fleet management tool that offers a cellular connection and near real-time connection between the vehicle and the home office. VDO RoadLog Office Advanced works seamlessly with the VDO RoadLog ELD Plus to provide the wireless features which have previously only been available through expensive, enterprise-level systems. It is designed to be extremely user-friendly, with automatic online data back up and on-screen wizard tips.

VDO RoadLog Office Advanced works directly with the VDO RoadLog ELD Plus to provide a simple, safe, and secure solution for log automation, fleet management, and FMCSA compliance reporting. The use of the VDO RoadLog ELD Plus also allows for the upgrade to the highest level in the VDO RoadLog Office suite, Office Premium. The upgrade to premium can be completed without the addition of any extra hardware.

VDO RoadLog Office has been designed to provide the perfect solution for fleets whose needs vary greatly. VDO RoadLog is available with no monthly fees, but also can offer full wireless connectivity depending on the exact needs of the user. All VDO RoadLog ELDs are certified to meet FMCSA ELD Mandate compliance requirements.

For more information, visit www.vdoroadlog.com