Navistar OnCommand Connection telematics solution now available

July 19, 2017

Navistar’s integrated OnCommand Connection telematics solution, launched in March during the Mid-America Trucking Show, is now available for purchase. It offers truck and bus drivers and fleets an easy-to-use, comprehensive, one-price solution that can help drastically cut the cost of vehicle maintenance, while seamlessly handling virtually all federal and state compliance needs.

Navistar announced the solution's availability at the Walcott (IA) Truckers Jamboree, an annual celebration of truck drivers, in order to highlight the added benefits the solution will provide for individual owner/operators and small fleets. 

"Only about 30% of small fleets are benefiting from the amazing power of telematics," said Terry Kline, Navistar senior vice-president and chief information officer. "In keeping with our DriverFirst philosophy and uptime mission, we developed OnCommand Connection Telematics to make this information easily available and useable for the entire industry, from owner/operators to large fleets, on an integrated, predictable and easy-to-understand basis."

OnCommand Connection Telematics is a combined hardware and software solution that provides a steady stream of real-time vehicle data, linked to GPS and other sources of data that can help drivers and fleets become safer, more productive, and more profitable.

This telematics solution is integrated with a new and improved version of the award-winning OnCommand Connection Advanced Remote Diagnostics system, which currently supports more than 300,000 vehicles of all makes and models. OnCommand Connection Advanced Remote Diagnostics provides not just comprehensive data on each vehicle's health, but also easy-to-follow fault code action plans, all served up in a convenient web-based portal in a user-friendly dashboard format.

"Our advanced remote diagnostics solution explains not just what that red light on the dashboard means, but also what to do about it, so the driver, fleet manager, and safety manager can understand," Kline said.

OnCommand Connection Telematics and Advanced Remote Diagnostics are also integrated with OnCommand Connection Electronic Driver Log (EDL), which automates federal Hours of Service compliance requirements that are mandated for all heavy duty trucks by December 18, 2017.

OnCommand Connection Electronic Driver Log also aides in fuel tax reporting, vehicle inspection reports, vehicle idling reports and vehicle trip mapping history, in order to make the driver's job easier and more productive, while feeding this information to the back office to enable greater efficiencies.

To assure maximum freedom and flexibility for drivers and fleets to use only the services that are right for them, OnCommand Connection Telematics carries no contract signup fee and no termination fee.

OnCommand Connection Telematics, OnCommand Connection Advanced Remote Diagnostics, and the OnCommand Connection Electronic Driver Log app are available at participating International Truck dealers and to all HDA Truck Pride members. The Electronic Driver Log app is available in both the Google Play Store and the Apple iTunes Store.

To celebrate the availability of OnCommand Connection Telematics, Navistar has announced the OnCommand Connection Telematics Tour Sweepstakes, in which the winner will receive a Diamond Renewed International ProStar Class 8 over-the-road truck with an N13 engine. In conjunction with the sweepstakes, the truck will be touring to participating International dealers providing hands-on demonstrations of the robust OnCommand Connection solutions. Details of the sweepstakes and official rules are available at

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