TMW Reveal Series products now available to Appian FinalMile Solutions users

June 14, 2017

TMW Systems’ Reveal Series cloud-based business intelligence and data analytics platform is now available as an add-on for users of Appian FinalMile solutions, which include DirectRoute routing and scheduling optimization software as well as DRTrack fleet tracking and reporting.

The optional Reveal Series enables users to leverage the power of big data within their businesses through advanced, transportation-specific data models and visualization tools. By using these tools in conjunction with Appian FinalMile solutions, users can analyze a broad range of metrics--including route profitability, route planning efficiency and driver performance--and assess a variety of “what if” scenarios.

“TMW Reveal Series brings the power of big data analytics to fleets looking for ways to dramatically increase the efficiency and competitiveness of their final mile operations,” said Brian Larwig, vice-president and general manager, TMW Systems. “These new tools enable users to generate actionable intelligence critical not only to how they operate their businesses today but also to enhance their competitive position in the years ahead.”

TMW Reveal Series provides a single, comprehensive business intelligence resource for fleets of virtually all sizes, supporting data from leading transportation management systems, mobile communications platforms, asset maintenance solutions and other sources. Fleets using TMW Appian FinalMile solutions can rely on Reveal Series analytics to answer an array of business-critical questions, such as: “How effective are we in servicing our customers?”; “What are our most profitable routes?”; “Are we using the right data points when planning routes?”; and “How can we improve driver performance and retention?.”

Reveal Series also enables users to enhance their predictive capabilities by unlocking answers deeply embedded within operational data and historical trends. Fleet professionals can analyze a variety of “what if” scenarios to determine financial, service level, and other likely implications of new operational practices and competitive strategies. Results to all queries are just a few clicks away and presented in user-friendly data visualizations, dashboards, scorecards, multi-layer thematic maps, and more.

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