Bourque Logistics providing bulk truck tendering, scheduling through YardMaster Journey app

Dec. 30, 2015

Bourque Logistics, a developer of logistics software for industrial shippers, now offers bulk and liquid product shippers truck scheduling and tendering capabilities. Through the YardMaster Journey Truck software application, shippers are now able to effortlessly communicate with all carriers via one simple-to-use system.

This update greatly expands communication between shippers and carriers along with improving overall terminal efficiency.  The YardMaster Journey Truck trucking system is a one-stop software solution addressing all tasks from check-in to check-out, including: weighing, inspection, documentation, and shipping operations for bulk and liquid products by truck, as well as the same for inbound loaded trucks. The system integrates with Industrial Networks' tablet devices allowing automated data and signature capture in the field. 

New tendering and scheduling capabilities give shippers the ability to create customized criteria which prioritizes trucking carriers. This criterion is shipper specific and prioritizes by items, such as low cost carrier, delivery performance and shipper/customer carrier preference. Once prioritized, orders are imported into the YardMaster Journey Truck system and tendered to carriers via email, in accordance with the previously mentioned criteria. Carriers then have the ability to accept or reject orders via an online shipment portal. Once a load is accepted, carriers have the ability to schedule a pick-up time within the online portal. The ability to log and send comments is included throughout the tendering process as a way to improve communication between shippers and carriers.

YardMaster Journey Truck also integrates with RateServer to calculate carrier freight. Upon submission, shippers receive a confirmation of carrier acceptance or rejection via the YardMaster Journey Truck system. Lastly, analytics on truck carriers, such as loads accepted versus rejected by carrier and on-time pick-up performance by carrier are included within the YardMaster Journey Truck systems advanced reporting capabilities.

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