New cellular option for MyTankInfo to be detailed at NACS/PEI

Sept. 24, 2014

MyTankInfo, which delivers fuel management and fuel site monitoring solutions to the commercial and retail petroleum marketplace, will present its new cellular connectivity option at booth number 4714 of the NACS/PEI show October 7-10 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas NV.

The new hardware option, which is compatible with MyTankInfo’s cloud-based fuel management software, routes data transfers via cellular networks, enabling connectivity for tank gauges in remote locations or locations lacking Internet access. The new cellular hardware can be connected via a tank gauge’s fax modem, serial port or an IP card, and is ideal for sites that are not wired for Ethernet capabilities. A data plan is included in the purchase package of the MyTankInfo cellular hardware. 

“By eliminating the need for landlines, the new MyTankInfo hardware can deliver fast data transmission to fuel site operations that might not otherwise have Internet access,” says Michael Buck, vice-president of MyTankInfo.

Advantages of MyTankInfo’s cellular-enabled hardware option include:

•    Compatible with MyTankInfo’s cloud-based fuel management interface

•    Fax modem, RS-232 serial or an IP card provide ATG connectivity flexibility

•    Eliminates the need for costly landlines, support and maintenance

•    Eliminates IT requirements and conflicts caused by internal firewalls

MyTankInfo’s user-friendly cloud-based fuel management software provides real-time inventory data that enables fuel site managers to make informed decisions about resupply purchases. The cloud-based software facilitates inventory reduction, alarm management, and threshold alerts while minimizing IT infrastructure requirements.

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