Pedigree, Doran Mfg partner to develop system to monitor tire pressure remotely

Sept. 9, 2014

Fuel efficiency improves by as much as 3.3% when tires are properly inflated, according to the US Department of Energy. For a company managing a fleet of 20 semitrailers, this equates to 13,530 gallons or about $50,000 annually in saved fuel. Additionally, having appropriate air pressure in tires can help reduce maintenance costs from blowouts and retreading tires.

Pedigree Technologies LLC and Doran Manufacturing LLC of Cincinnati OH partnered to develop a system that allows a vehicle’s tire pressure to be monitored remotely.

When used alongside the Doran 360 tire pressure monitoring system, Pedigree Technologies OneView can be used to view tire pressure readings remotely. This allows a dispatcher to ensure tires are properly inflated.

The Doran 360 tire pressure monitoring system sends tire pressure readings to the OneView platform each time the ignition is turned off or on and whenever there is a dramatic tire pressure loss or a low-pressure alarm is activated in a tire. Tire pressure readings are combined with the vehicle’s real-time GPS location. OneView sends email and text message alerts to the dispatcher if improper tire conditions exist.

The Doran 360 system uses a valve stem-mounted sensor, which transmits air pressure and temperature data to the OneView platform and a monitor/display in the cab. An LCD display allows the driver to see current tire pressure readings for each wheel position, and it provides both visible and audible alerts when a low-tire-pressure threshold is reached, including a FastLeak alert triggered when a tire drops 2.8 psi in less than 12 seconds.

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