ATEK rolls out TankScan TSM8000 wireless liquid tank monitor

June 18, 2014

ATEK Access Technologies launched the TankScan TSM8000 liquid tank monitor, a tank level monitoring solution for fuel distributors, waste oil collectors, and others managing liquid assets.

The TankScan TSM8000 provides remote access to liquid tank data anywhere an Internet connection is available. This allows customers to reduce tank service costs by an average of 30% percent, enables just-in-time delivery and collection of liquid products and improves customer service dramatically.

 “The TankScan TSM8000 decreases labor and other costs associated with manual tank measurement, while improving safety,” says Sherri McDaniel, president of ATEK Access Technologies. “The automated tank measurement system optimizes the distribution and collection processes by ensuring trucks are deployed efficiently, eliminating costly run outs and reducing excess inventory. It also allows distributors to offer enhanced service to their customers.”

The TankScan TSM8000 provides the tools necessary to accurately monitor fluid levels in multiple tanks, across multiple sites, from the convenience of any computer via the TankScan Global Internet portal. TankScan Global provides visibility into all of a customer’s tanks--from anywhere at any time. The Internet portal collects data from every tank monitor and provides an easy-to-digest snapshot of all the assets.

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