Continental Commercial Vehicles expands VDO RoadLog portfolio

April 9, 2014

Continental Commercial Vehicles & Aftermarket has expanded its VDO RoadLog portfolio with a range of new products and services that bring innovations in logbook automation and fleet management.

The VDO RoadLog electronic logging device (ELD) is a breakthrough in log automation and one of the first stand-alone ELDs offered in North America. It combines GPS data with input from the vehicle to create a digital log that the driver can either download or print out as needed. This device has a self-contained on-board printer that can automatically produce a paper log to help drivers get through inspection stops quickly. Unlike many other systems, VDO RoadLog ELD does not require any monthly fees or contracts.

Data recorded by the VDO RoadLog ELD is downloaded to the VDO RoadLog fleet management software, which converts the driver log data into a complete FMCSA compliance record. With this system, drivers and fleet managers can fulfill logbook and fleet compliance record requirements in a fraction of the time required for keeping paper records.

Now, the VDO RoadLog portfolio has expanded to include new options for online and mobile connectivity that not only improve operational efficiency for drivers and fleet managers, but also make the workload easier and less stressful. These new innovations include VDO RoadLog Connect, VDO RoadLog ELD Plus, and VDO RoadLog Fleet Online.

VDO RoadLog Connect and Connect app—Drivers can now send log data directly to their home base via a smartphone with the new VDO RoadLog Connect Key, a WiFi-enabled USB drive, and the VDO RoadLog Connect app. The Connect app sends the log data to the VDO RoadLog fleet software, where it becomes part of the complete compliance record. With VDO RoadLog Connect, compliance records can be kept up to date even when drivers are still on the road.

VDO RoadLog ELD Plus—VDO RoadLog ELD Plus adds GSM cellular connectivity to the standard VDO RoadLog ELD, enabling real-time driver and tractor performance monitoring by fleet managers, as well as wireless transmission of all log data. Users of RoadLog ELD Plus will manage their data with new web-based fleet software VDO RoadLog Fleet Online.

VDO RoadLog Fleet Online—Designed for fleets, VDO RoadLog Fleet Online is fleet management and compliance software that allows one or more fleet managers to access data simultaneously via an Internet connection. Records can be accessed from the road, office, or home. Any RoadLog ELD or RoadLog ELD Plus user can use VDO RoadLog Fleet Online, whether they’re an owner-operator or a fleet. VDO RoadLog Fleet Online is based on a fee model, and Internet access is required in order to use the features it provides.

It is offered in three levels of service: VDO RoadLog Fleet Online Essentials, VDO RoadLog Fleet Online Compliance, and VDO RoadLog Fleet Online Dispatch.

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