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Ever.Ag absorbs Roger’s bulk ag trucking platform

Sept. 1, 2023
Acquisition to transform AgTech logistics by streamlining bulk agricultural trucking operations with enhanced data analytics

Ever.Ag recently acquired Roger, a provider of transportation and logistics technology for the bulk agriculture commodity industry.

The deal expands Ever.Ag’s software, risk management, and market intelligence offerings.

“Joining Ever.Ag and their innovative AgTech solutions and services allows Roger to expand our offerings, helping customers to remove inefficiencies and solve real business challenges,” Roger CEO Jeff Schreiner maintained in a news release. “Roger will become a more valuable resource for the entire agriculture industry.

“The key to Roger’s success is being able to provide better data-driven insights that allow customers to make more informed and profitable decisions for their business.”

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A group of ag companies consisting of The Andersons, Cargill, Consolidated Grain and Barge, Koch Fertilizer, The Scoular Company, and Bushel, created Roger as a neutral logistics platform that digitizes and streamlines ag bulk hauling utilizing up-to-date and reliable hauling information to optimize logistics in bulk trucking sector. But the charter members realized over the past year the path to future success is “dependent on advanced technical and analytical capabilities,” the companies said. All members are committed to utilizing and expanding Roger’s solutions across their businesses and remaining on Roger’s shipper advisory board.

With a focus on transparency and traceability, Ever.Ag plans to leverage the Roger platform to manage bulk movements across all commodities.

“Roger provides a robust solution for bulk ag trucking and logistics that is traceable, efficient, and reliable,” Ever.Ag CEO Scott Sexton said. “Combining Roger with Ever.Ag’s data analytics tools will provide customers with the near-real-time logistics information they need to make better business decisions.”

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