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Roger aims to transform dry bulk truck freight industry

April 30, 2020
New technology company’s platform allows carriers to focus on moving loads through reduced paperwork, accelerated payment

New technology company Roger says it’s aiming to provide modern digital tools for shippers and carriers in the dry bulk freight industry.

Historically, dry bulk freight shipping has relied on manual paper processes and proprietary systems that lead to inefficiencies across the supply chain, the company maintained, costing shippers and carriers time and money. With these challenges in mind, Roger assembled a group of widely known dry bulk truck freight shippers who work alongside more than 200 trucking companies to design a platform accessible to industry shippers and carriers.

Initial charter members include shippers The Andersons, Cargill, Consolidated Grain and Barge, Koch Fertilizer and The Scoular Company, and Bushel, an agricultural technology company. Together, they account for more than 1 million loads annually through their networks, Roger said. They share the goal of applying their capabilities to advancing a network that will deliver value to shippers and carriers, as well as the ability to quickly bring significant load volume to the platform, which is key to Roger’s success

At launch, Jeff Schreiner, Scoular’s chief information officer, will serve as CEO for Roger.

“While trucking and agricultural technology have made significant advances in recent years, the bulk freight shipping process has remained outdated and inconsistent,” Schreiner said. “Working with this team allowed us to build technology that can be used across the entire industry, giving trucking companies the ability to digitally track each interaction throughout a haul, then electronically request payment.

“With Roger, carriers and shippers also get real-time information about the status and location of all their current loads, driving significant efficiencies.”

Roger’s app and desktop dashboard will help solve real-world shipping challenges through original, easy-to-use features for shippers and carriers, including:

  • Paperless ticket capture: Drivers simply snap a photo of a load ticket, and it’s saved in the app.
  • Real-time shipment status: Roger users automatically receive updates when a trucker uploads critical load/unload data on the desktop dashboard.
  • Fast digital payment processing: Once a haul is complete, carriers may request payment directly from shippers within the app.
  • Integrations with major industry ERPs: This allows for seamless data integration.
  • FieldDirect: This feature provides a real-time, visual look at where loads are at any time.
  • Digital freight marketplace: Carriers can quickly find and book loads and identify backhaul opportunities to reduce or eliminate deadhead mileage.

A feature-rich, industry-wide rollout is expected in late 2020, Roger said. Until then, the platform is active and will expand use across carriers associated with initial charter members. The Roger app can be downloaded at the Apple App Store or Google Play.

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