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ATRI launches survey on driver-facing cameras

July 29, 2022
The American Transportation Research Institute is gathering operator perspectives on driver-facing cameras. The survey is 20 questions and available online.

The American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) recently launched a short survey to better understand truck driver perspectives and issues with driver-facing cameras.

The 20-question survey will poll drivers on their opinion of camera technology and ask for suggestions on what could be done for more drivers to accept driver-facing cameras.

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ATRI’s driver-facing camera research was a top research priority of its Research Advisory Committee in 2021. Previous FMCSA-sponsored research conducted by ATRI documented that truck drivers have very positive opinions about road-facing cameras, but numerous driver concerns were raised about driver-facing cameras. ATRI’s driver-facing camera survey is designed to better understand the specific issues and concerns truck drivers have, and to determine what, if any, strategies might address those concerns.

The OOIDA Foundation participated in both the prioritization of the driver-facing camera research, as well as in the survey design.

The second component of ATRI’s driver-facing camera research will focus on how video feeds could be used by defense attorneys to reduce unfavorable litigation outcomes against truck drivers and motor carriers.

The survey is available online here

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