010621 Suttons Tankers Improves Operational Performance & Customer Experience With Microlise (1)

Suttons improves operational performance

Sept. 29, 2021
UK-based fleet with 850 tank trailers turns to Micolise for intelligent transportation management solutions

Suttons Tankers recently invested in a telematics and technology solution from Microlise, a provider of transport management software to fleet operators.

Suttons, which delivers products and services to companies in chemical, gas, fuel, waste, and powders sectors from 30 location across the United Kingdom, deployed the new solution across its fleet of 500 tractors units and more than 850 road tankers and trailers.

“Investing in Microlise’s fleet technology supports our drive toward continuous improvement and service excellence, and provides us with the intelligence we need to further improve processes and increase customer value,” said Michael Cundy, managing director of Suttons Tankers. “The multi-camera solution, which integrates with Microlise’s vehicle telematics system, is helping us to reduce our risk profile and better protect our drivers.”

According to Microlise, its technology will help Suttons better manage its fleet through vehicle tracking and utilization reporting, as well as managing driver performance to reduce fuel costs and improve efficiencies. 

Microlise’s Journey Management product delivers an enhanced customer experience by proactively managing issues and changes. The schedule execution board provides a detailed picture of which vehicles are running early, on time or late, and highlights the jobs that have been completed or remain pending.

Suttons also is utilizing Microlise’s Proof of Delivery technology to help driver communication and digitize receipts through sign-on-glass and image capture, with exceptions identified and managed by the Suttons team.

Microlise says it also will help strengthen Suttons’ existing focus on safety. The Microlise Safety Module, which includes the ClearVision multi-camera solution, helps protect drivers, support driver training, and provide access to in-depth information relating to any incidents. It combines granular telematics data with actual footage. The ClearVision camera solution also provides blind-spot visibility to drivers through the Microlise in-cab DriveTab unit (a ruggedized Android tablet device).

Suttons’ focus on compliance will be supported through the customizable Microlise vehicle check feature, ensuring drivers carry out checks in line with legislation and company policy, with the system flagging when vehicles require maintenance, the company said.

“The success of Suttons Tankers has hinged upon them knowing how best to serve their customers with a range of bespoke solutions that address precise industry requirements,” said Nadeem Raza, chief executive officer at Microlise. “We are delighted to be providing them with technology solutions that will deliver greater operational efficiencies, improved safety and compliance efficiencies, and critically, an improved customer experience.”