PrePass Safety Alliance
PrePass is integrating with Omnitracs for weigh station bypassing.

Omnitracs, PrePass integration offers weigh station bypassing

Aug. 6, 2021
Fleets that access the PrePass application on the Omnitracs One platform will be able to bypass weigh stations, and potentially reduce bottom-line costs associated with idle time and fuel usage.

Omnitracs and PrePass Safety Alliance are partnering to provide PrePass on the Omnitracs One platform. Fleets that access the PrePass application will be able to bypass weigh stations, and potentially reduce bottom-line costs associated with idling and fuel usage. Directly integrated into Omnitracs One, weigh station bypass information will be available with all other fleet activity, on a converged platform.

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, preliminary inspections cost a fleet five minutes of drive time and 0.4 gallons of fuel per truck. More importantly, secondary inspections cost 30 minutes of drive time and raise the risk of potential violations and out-of-service notifications. According to the Alliance, PrePass trucks bypass an open, working weigh station, on average, 12.3 times per month, saving a typical 100-truck fleet more than $128,000 each year.

“We’re excited to offer our customers the PrePass application through Omnitracs One,” said Mick Milnark, VP of product management at Omnitracs. “By providing this essential information through the easy-to-use application on our Omnitracs One platform, fleets don’t need to install additional hardware in their cabs, and drivers benefit from an integrated application to access the crucial information that helps them hit their on-time targets. The ability to add the PrePass application is one more proof point demonstrating the adaptability of the Omnitracs One platform – providing customers with the flexibility to choose those applications that best meet their individual fleet needs.”

With the PrePass application, drivers are informed of an upcoming weigh station when crossing a geofence threshold two miles out. PrePass then verifies the carrier credentials, safety scores, and vehicle weights, where available, to determine the bypass decision. Drivers receive notification on Omnitracs One to bypass or pull into the weigh station. In addition, fleets receive mobile safety alerts for work zones, traffic congestion, crashes ahead, brake checks, runaway ramps, traffic incidents, rest areas, gusty winds, steep grades, truck parking, weather alerts, and no commercial vehicle areas.

“This partnership between Omnitracs and PrePass Safety Alliance brings together two U.S.-based organizations known for providing efficient, cost-effective solutions to help fleets make safe, on-time deliveries to their customers. We’re thrilled to provide PrePass on the Omnitracs One platform,” noted Mark Doughty, president and CEO of PrePass Safety Alliance. “With more than 650,000 commercial vehicles from pre-qualified fleets currently enjoying our service, we know that integrating PrePass with Omnitracs One will save motor carriers even more time, fuel, and money.”