Tankfarm launches AI sales bot

Jan. 12, 2021
‘Ashley’ can discuss propane pricing, delivery and tank monitoring, and walk consumers through supplier comparisons

A bot named Ashley is helping onboard new customers for Millbrook NY-based propane distributor Tankfarm.

The company said the artificial intelligence-powered, natural language processing sales bot can discuss propane pricing, delivery and tank monitoring, and walk the consumer through a comprehensive comparison with their current propane supplier.

“We are so proud of our engineering team for building software that truly delivers on our mission to delight our users,” said Andrew Heaney, Tankfarm co-founder and CEO. “And this is just the beginning. Our bot will only get smarter and better at what it does as more customers use it.

“We call the bot ‘Ashley’ and she doesn’t sleep and she doesn’t take vacation.”

Tankfarm invests in software and tank monitors to make deliveries more efficient and profitable for suppliers and more convenient for consumers. The company says it aims to improve the propane industry’s approach to technology, so it can begin to meet the expectations of today’s propane consumer. The U.S. propane industry is highly fragmented and has been slow to embrace new technology.

“The bot is an important part of the technology ecosystem we are building that includes mobile applications, tank sensors and customer care software that delivers a uniquely superior experience for our suppliers and our users,” Heaney explained. “We believe this proprietary digital front end will eventually help make Tankfarm one of the largest propane suppliers in the country.”

Tankfarm builds software and applications that connect propane customers with suppliers in an “easy, intuitive, transparent way,” the company said. It focuses on the residential propane market and delivering a seamless customer experience. The software is free to use, Tankfarm does not charge any hidden nuisance fees, and customer service is a priority.

To fulfill deliveries, Tankfarm has partnered with top propane marketers in 30 states and from more than 200 locations. Its mobile app communicates with a wireless monitor Tankfarm places on all tanks to help customers know how much propane they have in their tank, how much they’re using and when they’re using it.

Visit tankfarm.io for more information.

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