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PDI debuts cloud-based logistics software for fuel supply chain

Oct. 5, 2020
Company’s ‘next-generation solution’ designed to reduce complexity, increase visibility for haulers

PDI, a global provider of enterprise software solutions to the convenience retail, wholesale petroleum and logistics industries, recently released its PDI Logistics Cloud international.

The company says its logistics software, specifically designed for the fuel supply chain, helps fuel retail, mineral oil, wholesale and hauler companies gain the end-to-end visibility they need to optimize operations.

Logistics Cloud builds on PDI’s heritage of bringing innovative products to the market and enables digital transformation by leveraging the latest technology. Its use of Big Data, IoT and sophisticated algorithms enable better compartment allocation, automation and forecasting. The software’s robust capabilities—including advanced planning and dispatching, mobile tools, forecasting, telematics, compliance, and analytics—allows businesses to scale, future-proof their operations, and quickly adapt to dynamic market conditions.

  • The solution will allow customers to do the following:
  • Reduce stockouts and returns
  • Decrease on-site stock levels
  • Optimize delivery routes to make fewer trips
  • Increase payload usage
  • Manage more sites per dispatcher

“Customers in this industry have faced complexity and lacked advanced technology for far too long,” said Sid Gaitonde, PDI’s senior vice president and general manager for logistics solutions. “We leveraged over three decades of industry experience and collaborated with leading oil companies and haulers around the world to develop PDI Logistics Cloud. We’re pleased to be the partner they can count on, no matter where they are in the world.”

More than 9,000 trucks use PDI’s logistics solutions to deliver over 367 billion liters of fuel to their destinations every year, the company said. PDI plans to introduce its latest logistics offering to fuel supply chain companies outside of the EMEA region early next year.

Visit pdisoftware.com/pdi-logistics-cloud for more information.