Volvo announces surcharge for 2010 green trucks

Volvo trucks with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) emissions reduction technology will now include a surcharge of $9,600, according to information from Volvo Trucks North America, Greensboro NC.

The surcharge will apply to new trucks built with Volvo D11, D13, and D16 engines, as well as those with the Cummins ISX. All of the engines will be equipped with SCR aftertreatment. The new technology also includes the development of advanced onboard diagnostics (OBD) systems required by the new emissions regulations.

Volvo said the cost is associated with the new technology necessary to meet strict new emissions standards for heavy-duty trucks that take effect January 1, 2010.

"Our emissions reduction technology for 2010 will bring immediate benefits for the air we breathe without using emissions credits, while at the same time significantly improving fuel economy for our customers," said Scott Kress, senior vice-president, sales and marketing. "Volvo Trucks will achieve near-zero emissions of NOx with selective catalytic reduction (SCR). We have made substantial investments in research and development to accomplish these extraordinary goals."

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