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TMW provides web service for CSA 2010 management

TMW Systems announced that it would be making available a free service for its carrier customers designed to help them monitor and manage their critical Comprehensive Safety Analysis (CSA) safety scores and data. The new government safety scoring program, referred to as CSA 2010, promises to affect many carriers significantly, and TMW saw the need to provide its customers with tools to help protect themselves in the evolving regulatory environment.

The new, web-based service from TMW, named CSA Management, gives carriers extended capabilities for analyzing and transforming all of their Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) safety rating data for further insight and action, including government data challenge. While the CSA program and government website is still in limited roll-out in a few states, subject to ongoing changes, TMW is similarly offering CSA Management at no charge, first to its customers in CSA test states, then expanding access as the reach of the government program grows. Customers not in CSA test states may also request the application in order to familiarize themselves with the available FMCSA data in advance of full access to the CSA integrated scoring program.

All TMW customers may take advantage of the free CSA Management application, subject to limited availability, in tandem with the government’s gradual program roll-out in selected states.

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